Debt Consolidation Reviews 2021

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Settlements are commonly negotiated by third-party agencies who help to discuss your dues with a creditor. In a settlement, it is usually discussed and agreed upon that the borrower pays the creditor a lump sum amount. This amount is usually less than what the borrower originally owes.


  • Helps you quickly fix your financial problems
  • Might be more costly in comparison to paying the actual amount that you owe


  • An immediate but a makeshift solution to your debt issues
  • Some lenders might not accept your settlement offer
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To consolidate debt is to collectively combine all of your accounts and form them into one enormous, single debt. In debt consolidation, borrowers usually take out a big loan with a more affordable payment option or more moderate interest rates and use it to pay off several other creditors.


  • Does not require collateral
  • More attainable payment options
  • Instantaneous and straightforward process


  • May potentially decrease your credit score rating
  • Will accumulate a larger interest rate of up to 15-20%
  • More extended payment terms
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Personal Loans

A personal loan is a process of borrowing money from banks, credit unions, online lenders, friends, or relatives with a set interest rate and payment plan. Personal loans can be categorized into a Secured or Unsecured Loan. Secured Loans are loans that require collateral or down payment while Unsecured Loans do not require any of it.

While applying for a personal loan can be a viable option, it is also crucial to consider the proposed interest rates and repayment plans being offered to you.


  • A quicker method for clearing debts
  • Viable for a short-term solution


  • Lengthy approval time
  • May have higher interest rates

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